Elon Musk gets caught on a nine-minute private jet flight

The text is still online on the brand’s website: Tesla’s plan, Elon Musk has been saying for years, is the electrification of our societies, from cars and trucks to photovoltaic roofs, and the maximum eradication of greenhouse gas emissions.

Nice project, do you think? Unsurprisingly, its execution seems to leave something to be desired. Jack Sweeney, the young man scrutinizing the aerial actions of the richest man in the world on Twitter, which incidentally annoyed him prodigiously, did it again: his bot published the data of a flight in private jet lasting nine minutes between San José and San Francisco.

“Wow what a hero”

Difficult to say if the man was on board, or if the aircraft was moving for another reason or another person, but the distance by the highway between the two cities is about 83 kilometers, for a journey of 52 minutes by car according to Google Maps.

The man who wants to make cars green and could probably have taken advantage of the Californian landscape by not emitting a gram of CO2 with one of its Tesla has therefore, according to calculations made on an ad hoc site, produced the equivalent of 0.02 tonnes of greenhouse gases during its polluting chip jump.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s far from negligible. It is above all to be combined with the thousands of other flights of the same type carried out by private jets all over the world all day long – we remember in particular the bad weather of the 400 planes mobilized for the participants in the COP26 in Glasgow.

What annoy some of the sharpest despisers of the billionaire, also boss of the not very green SpaceX, who did not fail to note the irony of the case.

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