Elon Musk: His 18-year-old daughter never wants to be associated with him again!

He may be the richest man in the world according to information from the magazine Forbesand having dethroned Jeff Bezos in 2022 with his fortune estimated at 219 billion dollars, Elon Musk is far from unanimous. With public opinion, of course, but also and above all with members of his family. His 18-year-old daughter decided to change her name completely so that she would never be associated with her father again.

If she completed the necessary documents for this change of identity, it is above all because she wishes, finally, to be identified as a woman. It will therefore be necessary now call her Vivian Jenna Wilson. In the official papers, obtained by the media TMZ, she also specifies that she no longer wants “to be related to one’s biological father in some way“. Money does not bring happiness… and does not offer, either, the love of one’s own.

Vivian has a twin brother named Griffin. If she chose to be called Wilson instead of Musk, it is simply because it is the mother’s last name. Elon Musk had met the Canadian novelist Justine Wilson on the benches of Queen’s University. Married from 2000 to 2008, they had six children together, including twins and triplets, but their eldest son had unfortunately died suddenly at the age of ten weeks.

Although the situations are absolutely not comparable, this is not the first time that the CEO of Tesla has had to deal with the name change of one of his children. His youngest son, whom Elon Musk had with singer Grimes – Claire Boucher, from whom he has been separated since September 2021 – in May 2020, was originally called X AE A-12. But faced with the general incomprehension of this sweet nickname, and the prohibition by the Californian jurisdiction to use numbers in a first name, the parents had to resolve to have their identity papers changed… to rename their baby X AE A-XII. The two exes also had a daughter named Exa Dark Siderael.

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