Elon Musk is going to overpay Twitter and he really doesn’t care…

Unless the situation turns around, the sulphurous and unpredictable Elon Musk should offer himself Twitter before the end of the month. The amount of the operation is estimated at 44 billion dollars, a substantial sum even for the American billionaire who also considers that it is greater than the current value of the social network.

Twitter is a long languishing asset, but it has incredible potential […] it is clear that the other investors and myself are going to pay far too much at this moment, but its potential is far greater than its current value he said at Tesla’s quarterly earnings conference.

The potential of Twitter would be (far) greater than its value

Elon Musk is therefore preparing to overpay Twitter, but this situation does not really seem to worry him because the potential of the network would be significant. Last May, theNew York Timeshad obtained a quantified development plan which anticipated a revenue multiplied by four by the end of 2028. Musk hopes to attract 600 million additional users in the next 5 years and thus strengthen the weight of the platform. If successful, the value of the company could soar and the billionaire’s fortune with…

For now, it’s hard to judge Elon Musk’s plans, but what can be said is that unlike most other tech companies, Twitter hasn’t yet exploded into stock Exchange. So everything remains to be done…

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