Elon Musk may soon have to choose between Tesla and Twitter

Elon Musk, long known as “simply” Tesla boss, has now crossed a course, even a peninsula. The American billionaire is regularly talked about through another of his companies, Space X, but his latest acquisition may give him some image problems. Musk could well have shot himself in the foot by buying the social network Twitter.

Few brands are so dependent on the image that their boss reflects. This is unfortunately the case with Tesla, who has to deal with a dynamic boss, sometimes too much and a little too regularly prone to escapades of all kinds. In particular, we think of Musk’s unconventional management style, or even his regular posts on Twitter, which he recently bought.

Yet, so far, Tesla’s image has remained intact. But it could go wrong next year according to a survey conducted by MBLM. The latter specializes in the study of the emotional connections between consumers and companies. By 2022, no other brand had scored better than Tesla, but the tide may be turning.

Several factors are involved, including the arrival of Musk in control of Twitter. Already not stingy with posts on the social network, the head of Tesla has now had a field day since taking over, even if it sometimes means making a few slip-ups. Add to that politically very right-wing actions, and you have an explosive mix that could well damage Tesla’s image.

Mario Natarelli, one of MBLM’s directors, said: “This creates real damage to the Tesla brand. When I see people commenting that they no longer consider buying a Tesla car or are embarrassed to drive it, I think it hits a big mark on brand equity.”. On the other hand, an Insider report confirms the trend of customers feeling less and less close to Tesla.

This drop in customer favor for Tesla comes at a critical time as the war raging in the electric car market only intensifies. Any market share is up for grabs, so it is more important than ever for the American brand to maintain its lead in this segment. It is therefore likely that Elon Musk will soon have a choice to make in order not to weaken Tesla.

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