Elon Musk must step down as head of Twitter, its users say

“Should I leave the head of Twitter? I will comply with the results of this investigation,” wrote Elon Musk on the social network on Sunday. The owner of Twitter then launched a user investigation for his future at the head of the company. This audio, which lasted 12 hours , ended on Monday around 12:20 Swiss time, with this result: 57.5% of participants believe that Elon Musk should give up the Twitter boss. Over 17.5 million votes were cast – a very large share of people , but undoubtedly also robots.

Now the big question is what the social network strongman will do in this poll. Will he stay? Will he appoint a straw man? Will he use this result to spend less time making decisions about Twitter?

Recall that Elon Musk said in November that he expected to reduce his time at Twitter and find someone else to lead the company over time. But this Sunday he wrote in a tweet that there is no possible successor for him in the company. “The question is not finding a director, the question is finding a director who can keep Twitter alive,” he wrote. Three hours after the start of the vote, no doubt to cover the tracks, the Twitter strongman wrote “Those who want power are those who deserve it the least.”

Note that over the weekend Elon Musk decided to ban links from Twitter to other platforms. A decision that had raised many points of criticism and which he seems to have gone back on.

It is far from the first time that Elon Musk has organized a poll on Twitter. At the end of November, for example, he had asked if he should reactivate Donald Trump’s account after the former US president was banned from the platform in early 2021. Fifteen million people had participated in this survey and spoke to 51.8. % in favor of Donald Trump’s return. A few minutes later, his account was reactivated (without the former president tweeting again for the time being).

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