Elon Musk now a Twitter shareholder

The troll has taken over his toy! The SpaceX and Tesla founder bought 9.2% of Twitter shares for $3 billion. He is now the largest shareholder of the little blue bird social network.

Before taking control, he was an avid user. From the top of his 80 million subscribers, Elon Musk published messages that were often obscure, cynical, critical or gratuitously controversial. At the start of the Russian attacks in Ukraine, he wrote: “Netflix is ​​waiting for the end of the war to make a film about a black Ukrainian who falls in love with a transgender Russian soldier. » End of quote. Don’t tell me that this questionable critique of an alleged reign of political correctness is not the work of a troll.

Elon Musk’s attacks on Twitter also regularly targeted the very functioning of Twitter. He recently posted a poll, asking if freedom of expression was respected on Twitter. The “no” won by 70%. Well when he published this survey, imagine, he was already the first shareholder of the social network! Because this takeover, unveiled yesterday, was done discreetly on March 14.

The billionaire thus seeks to show that it is in the name of freedom of expression that he embarked on this operation. The blow of com’ is millimeter. Many expected him to create his own social network, he actually bought the one he knows so well.

The challenge, behind the communication strategy, is obviously the war of influence. In the same way that one buys a newspaper or a TV channel to glean influence, soft power, the billionaire offers a social network as a piece of power.

Twitter action yesterday obviously took off like a rocket. Moreover, each of Elon Musk’s tweets has a considerable influence on stock market prices, on the value of the share of this or that company. Although… I’m not sure that the one posted yesterday at 6 p.m. made the slightest curve tremble. I quote it to you in the text: “Oh hi lol”. Oh hi lol. A troll, I tell you.

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