Elon Musk on his way to becoming the world’s first trillionaire

Elon Musk’s achievement seems to be unmatched. The boss of Tesla Motors has not always known only moments of glory. Between his recent attempt to take over Twitter and his controversial Tweets that each time cost significant sums, Musk is doing quite well.

Elon Musk trillionaire by 2024

The few setbacks ofElon Musk are like a grain of sand in the sea. Between losses on the stock market, investors who sell shares of the company short or even accusations of sexual harassment, his fortune remains colossal. The financial wealth of the businessman is constantly increasing. According to a recent analysis by Approve, Elon Musk could become trillionaire very soon more precisely in 2024.

The study titled “The Trillion Dollar Club”aimed to predict which billionaires would become trillionaires and when. “We compared the annual net worths of the 30 richest people from 2017 until today, to calculate the annual growth rate of each of our billionaires and estimate how soon each of them will reach one trillion dollars. dollars”.

The study considered the current net worth of the billionaire’s assets which was $263 billion at the beginning of 2022. To this, we applied the growth rate relative to it (approximately 129% each year). These estimates showed that it only takes two years forElon Musk have the status of trillionaire.

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