Elon Musk plans to lay off three-quarters of Twitter workers

Elon Musk has planned to lay off almost 75% of Twitter’s 7,500 employees if he succeeds in buying the social network, according to information published Thursday by the Washington Post. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX has indicated to potential investors that he intends to reduce the company to some 2,000 employees, according to the American daily. The multi-billionaire is a priori on the verge of buying the social network for 44 billion dollars, after months of economic and legal developments.

But even if Elon Musk fails to acquire Twitter, the platform plans to lay off nearly a quarter of the staff anyway by the end of 2023, Washington Post sources say.

The whimsical leader had made an acquisition offer accepted by the board of directors of the group at the end of April, affirming then that his priority was not profitability but the defense of freedom of expression. He then sought to unilaterally withdraw from the deal, accusing the company of lying to him about its fight against automated accounts and spam. Twitter filed a complaint in early July, and Elon Musk finally assured earlier this month that the transaction was really going to take place. The judge adjourned the trial, which should have taken place this week, and given the two parties until October 28 to reach a new agreement. In mid-June, during a question and answer session with employees of the San Francisco company, the businessman had stressed that he aimed to reach one billion users – instead of 230 million. current ones – and to diversify sources of income.

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