Elon Musk: Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V.11 May Be Ready For Mass Release Soon

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has estimated that beta 11 of his electric vehicle company Tesla’s full self-driving (FSD) system will be ready for mass release by summer 2022. A user of the site Twitter microblogging asked Mr. Musk when FSD Beta 11 would be released to testers.

“I’m driving an alpha version of the FSD on the highway and it’s not quite ready. Likely ready for a wide release this summer,” Musk wrote. According to Teslarati, last week Musk predicted that FSD beta 10.13 would be released in “two weeks.” He said the next version of the FSD Beta will feature more noticeable improvements, especially in roundabout maneuverability.

Recently, a Tesla FSD beta tester praised the Autopilot team and Musk for their work on autonomous software. He said the software worked flawlessly during a two-hour FSD ride on winding mountain roads and called his experience “transcendent”. Musk responded to the tester by tweeting, “Then you’ll really like 10.13.”

FSD Beta V.10.12 introduced a long list of improvements, including an improved decision framework for unprotected left turns, improved creep, and better geometric accuracy.

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