Elon Musk: the women in his life

When the richest man in the world (at the beginning of 2021, his fortune was estimated at 188 billion dollars) wants to formalize his love, he has a tradition: he walks the red carpet of the Met Gala, the chosen one on his arm. But this year, while Elon Musk has just had a baby girl – the first, after seven boys – with the Canadian singer Grimes, the honor went to his own mother, the spectacular Maye Musk, 79 years old. A return to basics? To review the women in the life of the boss of Tesla and SpaceX is, in essence, to paint the Chinese portrait of a man of whom we no longer know too much, today, whether he is crazy or brilliant. To believe that his love life followed the same extraordinary curve as his professional career: started in a classic way with his darling from the college years to gain power with increasingly perched artists… And in the end, c mom wins? Each of the five women who have counted in the life of the man who wants to champion unlimited freedom of speech tells us something about himself.

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The one he loved first

Before wanting to colonize the planet Mars, Elon Musk was a little boy who wanted to remain his mother’s favorite. He is the eldest of three children of a fascinating woman. Born in Canada, Maye Haldeman and her twin grew up in South Africa, crisscrossing the continent in their father’s propeller plane. Beauty queen, the finalist of the Miss South Africa contest in 1969 is also a well-made head. Holder of a double master’s degree in dietetics and nutrition, she began her life as a woman under the best auspices when she married Errol Musk, the engineer with whom she fell in love in high school. Two sons, a daughter, and nine years later, she divorces this man who turns out to be violent – ​​“He was a monster, he embodied evil”, will say Elon – and starts to work hard: modeling , dietetics lessons… She instils in her children the idea that financial autonomy is the key to everything, and that she is now counting on them to help her. Message received 5 out of 5 by Elon, but also by his cousins, born to Kaye, the twin aunt, with whom he grew up in a band. Without pocket money, the six offspring of the Haldeman sisters spend their time inventing ways to earn it (NB for young parents: today, all are tech entrepreneurs – and millionaires for the poorest of between them). During his early years, Elon was a mute little boy, so much so that, for a long time, his parents thought he was deaf (he was only diagnosed with Asperger’s much later). Hyperactive, very protective of his mother, he maintains an affectionate rivalry with his brother, Kimbal. The latter will say: “Elon was the difficult child, I was the best son”, a cry from the heart that Maye will qualify by using another adjective: “Kimbal was the perfect son” – not the same thing, therefore. On the eldest, she confided: “I had to look for Elon all the time, he disappeared, fell, injured himself, refused to sleep to read all night […]. At school, he was the youngest, the smallest, he had no friends, it’s hard for a mother. “Between the lines, we can guess the mixture of pride and concern that must have animated this young mother (she was 23 when Elon was born) of a boy like no other. Which, for its part, has spent its life to live up to the two mantras of a mother of magical beauty: “Never give up” and “The more you work, the more success you will have”.

The one who dubbed herself “the start-up wife”

“Starter wife”, it is under this disenchanted expression that Justine Wilson, the first Mrs. Musk, describes herself. They meet at Queens University, in Canada, where Justine, 18, is studying literature, with the idea of ​​becoming a writer. Elon, who is a year older, falls in love with her ambition, she explains, and tries to seduce her despite her reluctance: “For him, no is not an answer. She ends up melting in front of this strange and broke boy who manages to make her wear flowers even when he is transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, and who promises to give her “all the books” that ‘she will want as soon as he starts earning a living. When they married in 2000, Elon Musk was no longer a student fighting to break through. He sold his start-up, Zip2, earning $22 million in the process, and the day after the wedding, he had Justine sign a financial agreement: “It’s just a formality for my shareholders, nothing to do with a prenuptial agreement,” he assures her. You speak. When they divorced, eight years later, when he became a billionaire, he left his wife “only” the 600 square meter house in which their five sons grew up. Five, when it should have been six. Their first baby, Nevada, died at ten weeks of sudden infant death syndrome, a tragedy from which Justine, despite two successive pregnancies (twins then triplets), would never recover. Elon, she says, resents her for not being able to work through her grief, for not being the trophy wife he dreams of (“I was never blonde enough for him”). One day when she exclaims “I am your wife, don’t talk to me as if I were your employee”, he replies: “If you had been my employee, I would have already fired you. The lawyers will write the sequel.

The one he married twice

With Talulah Riley, 24 years old at the time of the first marriage, Elon Musk begins to rejuvenate the age of his companions (thereafter, each will be a little younger than the previous one). We know very little about their love story, the British actress, seen in “Pride and Prejudice” in 2005, being of a discreet nature. What is proven is that: 1) Justine, the ex-wife, finds her very nice, and 2) Elon and Talulah have divorced twice. Their first marriage lasted from 2010 to 2012, the second from 2013 to 2016. Another certainty: the actress is probably not a gold digger, she was entitled to “only” 20 million dollars in compensation at the total, while Musk, at the time, was already “worth” 8 billion.

The one who broke his heart

Amber Heard was certainly a real crush on Musk. “Elon loves pretty faces, but it takes more than that to intrigue him. Amber is always eager to learn, she is not afraid to be different and does not let herself be intimidated, ”says one of her relatives, who, speaking of the young woman, seems to describe the boss of Tesla and SpaceX himself. same. For the actress, met in 2012 on the set of “Machete Kills”, where he made an appearance (in his own role), the one who has always worked between sixteen and twenty hours a day would have even slowed down the pace. One time only, because the young woman quickly takes the tangent. And a few hundred thousand dollars, intended to pay the associations that she had promised to endow with the money of her ex, Johnny Depp. After their breakup, for the first time, Elon split the armor: at the end of 2017, in an interview with “Rolling Stone”, he confided “If I’m not in love, if I’m not with someone long term , I can’t be happy […]. Going to sleep alone is killing me. “The wheel has turned: five years later, the billionaire refuses to testify in favor of the one who has just declared to have “never really loved Elon Musk” during the Heard / Depp trial, which, at this very moment, is frightening and delights the whole world.

The one who is even higher than him

With Grimes, alias Claire Boucher, Elon Musk has undoubtedly met his master! More “different” than this 34-year-old Canadian singer from a strict Catholic family, who claims as much of the medieval poet Hildegard of Bingen and the punk movement as Mariah Carey, we do not see. His meeting with the richest man in the world transformed his stature as an underground star: “The revolutionary artist has become a target. Today it’s Marie Antoinette! “, explains “Vanity Fair”. In 2020, she made Elon Musk father for the seventh time, of a boy named X Æ A-12 (it’s pronounced “XAI Archangel”) then, last winter, of her first daughter, Exa Dark Sideræl, alias Y, born to a surrogate mother. In exchange, the one she calls “Bro” gave her a new first name: “c”, in lowercase italics, the symbol of the speed of light. Condemned to move constantly for security reasons, she explained that the life of the couple was not at all what one imagines: “Bro does not live like a billionaire. Bro sometimes lives below the poverty line. All of its money goes into R&D (research and development). Grimes, an interesting mix of down to earth and intellectual rigor – she is passionate about astrophysics and neuroscience – calls herself far left and remains evasive about the current state of her couple: “I would probably designate Elon as my boyfriend and the love of my life, but we’re very fluid,” she said in January. Today, she is said to be in a relationship with whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Musk, for his part, explained to the “LA Times” that they were “probably semi-separated”, which did not prevent them from having other plans for children in the future. They turned out well, in short.

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