Elon Musk threatens to manufacture high-tech weapons of war

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Elon Musk has shown himself several times on Twitter with comments and polls that some would not hesitate to describe as “inappropriate”. For example, we have seen the entrepreneur post a survey that outright proposes a peace plan without consulting the parties to the conflict.

A plan that involves Russia keeping Crimea, and Ukraine being forced to stay neutral – among other proposals that both Russia and Ukraine will love. But what is now chilling the followers of Twitter’s most followed account is the suggestion posted this morning by the entrepreneur.

Does Elon Musk threaten to transform wars with new weapons?

The latter has in fact taken up an article from the British daily The Independent which talks about the impact of drones in the war in Ukraine, and in particular the use of Iranian Shahed drones, often qualified as “kamikaze drones” – because these aircraft relatively cheap have the sole purpose of crashing into their target.

Elon Musk accompanies the sharing of the mention “Drone War I” as if to better emphasize that the drones used in this war and their use are not very sophisticated, despite their particularly massive use. Later, Elon Musk bluntly asks the question that we would probably have preferred never to read in the entrepreneur’s tweets: “Should I make weapons? Ideally, no”.

Fortunately, the responses of Internet users are not currently encouraging for Elon Musk. Many twittos recall that the entrepreneur has already promised in the past that he would never do arms. And we hope that unlike his alter ego in the MCU Tony Stark that he keeps his promise despite the war in Ukraine…

However, can we be absolutely sure? One of the followers defends the entrepreneur in the same thread in these terms: “Elon is driven to step in to help the people of Ukraine. He does this to strike a balance. To try to put both sides of the conflict on the same level, so as to avoid a one-sided situation that would cause more deaths and tragedies. Peace for the lowest possible cost”.

To which Elon Musk replied: “Exactly”. This seems to confirm that the boss of Tesla and SpaceX sees himself having a more or less active role in the conflict (to date, in addition to his surveys, he has notably provided free Starlink internet access to the Ukrainian authorities) . The fact remains that war is undoubtedly the area where we are least eager to discover the technological prowess of Elon Musk’s companies. Especially in light of his recent interventions on the subject.

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