Elon Musk to delete 1.5 billion inactive Twitter accounts

The billionaire wants to release these nicknames to other users and newcomers.

Nothing is stopping Elon Musk’s big cleanup on Twitter. After firing half of the group’s workforce and falling out with many personalities that he wants to charge for authentication, the quirky billionaire now intends to remove unused profiles. “Twitter will soon begin freeing up profile space for 1.5 billion accounts“, he tweeted on Friday, December 9.

The goal is to allow new users of the social network to use these names. “This removal is a no-brainer for those accounts that haven’t tweeted and logged in for years.“, explained Elon Musk in a new message.

Make Twitter profitable

Since his arrival, the billionaire has tried to make the social network more profitable. A new subscription for eight dollars a month has thus emerged: Blue Verified, mixes an existing paid formula (to take advantage of practical advantages) and authentication of accounts, until now free and reserved for personalities and organizations.

Trouble is, its initial deployment on Nov. 9 was accompanied by an avalanche of fake accounts impersonating athletes, businesses, and Elon Musk himself in particular. He was suspended after two days.


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