Elon Musk tweets… Tesla crashes 11%

While the Tesla boss recently bought Twitter, his many failures at the blue bird network are not helping him. In one tweet, Tesla lost 11% of its value.

We are talking about a loss of 73% in one year. In fact, Tesla stock would have fallen 73% in a year due to the repeated slips of the CEO of the brand on Twitter. The latest is the message addressed to Dimitri Medvedev, current vice-president of Russia’s Security Council and Putin’s right-hand man: this did not go down well with the investors in the Californian company. Musk indicated only that he found Medvedev’s tweets “epic.”

But the American leader did not stop there. Ithe then held clarified that it was an ironic message to indicate that he did not believe the Russian leader’s claims at all. He claimed Britain would be back in the EU, a civil war in the US and even the collapse of Europe.

Too many tweets?

If Musk isn’t on his first try when it comes to awkward tweets, this caused Tesla shares to lose 11.4% almost immediately. But it doesn’t seem to bother him anymore. In fact, the head of Tesla only tweets to make fun or criticize: Joe Biden, the media, pro LGBT or even wokism… everyone goes there.

And still, Tesla stock fell from $399.93 to $109.10 in one year, down 72.72%. That should worry him more than people who don’t like his humor. But this is not a source of concern for him. At least not yet.

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