Elon Musk wants to bite into Apple

It is a ritual that tends to be quite repetitive. Every quarter, the executives of major publicly traded technology companies present their results to investors. But with Elon Musk, you never get bored. The billionaire took advantage of a conference call with Tesla shareholders to make a sensational statement.

Tesla soon stronger than Apple? Elon Musk is convinced

The entrepreneur is indeed convinced that the car manufacturer could one day ” far exceed Apple’s current market capitalization “. Elon Musk continues: Some time ago (May 2017 Editor’s note) I said on an earnings conference call that I thought it was possible for Tesla to be worth more than Apple, which was worth $700 billion at the time. era. »

He pursues : ” Now, I am of the opinion that we can far exceed Apple’s current market capitalization. I see a path to make Tesla worth more than Apple and Saudi Aramco combined. »

Details also that Saudi Aramco is the major national oil and gas company of Saudi Arabia, today valued at 2000 billion dollars, while Apple weighs just over 2300 billion dollars.

During this interview, Elon Musk apparently did not specify how he intended to go about it, while Tesla is now valued at just under 700 billion dollars. However, the manufacturer had good news to announce to investors with quarterly profits above its expectations. This moderately convinced the stock market, with a drop in the title of Tesla recorded at first, even if the latter subsequently recovered.

Elon Musk and Apple? I love you…me neither

Recall that in the past, Elon Musk had already openly criticized Apple and its practices on the App Store in 2021. He thus supported Epic Games, which opposes the 30% fees charged by the Tech giant on each transaction “ in-app”. And the entrepreneur then explained: Apple’s App Store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet. Epic is right. »

More recently, Elon Musk sketched out a rapprochement with the Cupertino company. The CEO of SpaceX responded to a user on Twitter who expressed his wish to see the company collaborate with Apple to improve the satellite communication functionality of the iPhone 14.

Elon Musk replied: “ We’ve had promising conversations with Apple about Starlink connectivity. The iPhone team is obviously super smart. You can also read our very complete article on this subject here.

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