Elon Musk wants to make Twitter’s view count optional

The polarizing Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI and other Twitter boss hit back at a social media user for being “too messy” and said he wanted to “clean up the aesthetics”.

Twitter recently launched a feature that allows users to measure the engagement of their tweets in real time, but not everyone is excited about the addition.

Twitter will offer a new option

As with many new things on Twitter, this change has received mixed reactions. That is why whoever bought the network at the end of October for 44 billion dollars responded by explaining that Twitter would “improve the aesthetics and add an option to disable it”, although he believes that everyone will end up appreciating it.

The feature was introduced on December 22, with Musk saying it would make Twitter more “vibrant” than it was before. He added that while “likes” and “retweets” are more visible to the public, views are passive.

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Some liked this feature, like Twitter founder Jack Dorsey:

Large. A much better yardstick.

But another series of tweets hasn’t been so forgiving, with some Twitter users calling it pointless and unhealthy. Useless why not, but unhealthy, it’s hard to understand. This new information makes it possible to see that a tweet is generally seen ten times more than it is liked, retweeted or commented on.

However, as of December 28th, there is still no way to disable the feature.

Which tweets show the number of views?

According to Twitter’s Help Center, virtually all tweets show view counts, with three exceptions:

  • Community tweets
  • Tweets from the Twitter circle
  • Older tweets

Twitter communities are groups of users who share common interests, similar to Facebook groups, while Twitter circles are created by users as a “friends list”.

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