Elon Musk warns ‘media elites’ will do anything to stop Twitter from empowering the people

Many wonder why billionaire Elon Musk is attacked by the oligarchy? In a tweet from November 11, 2022, the billionaire said he wanted to make room for citizen journalism. A project that does not please the mainstream media wanting to be the only ones entitled to this exercise in order to present information as they wish and to guide public opinion. Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street will not stop there and we explain why:

Elon Musk on November 11: “ Whereas Twitter pursues the goal of elevating citizen journalism, the media elite will do anything to prevent this from happening. Traditional media will continue to thrive, but increased competition from citizens will push them to be more precise, as their oligopoly [NDLR, Marché où un petit nombre de vendeurs ont le monopole] on the information will be disrupted. I have spent my life working on issues related to the accuracy and integrity of information and contentit has been a difficult, rewarding and exhausting journey that has been besieged on all sides by the forces of greed and capitalism — and now their embodiment wants to pretend that’s their goal? »

All the “fact checkers” in the world come to attack Elon Musk on Twitter like Luke Zaleski: “The richest man in the world has taken over a global social media platform used by journalists, scientists, governments, individuals, businesses, religions, armies and health and safety services. urgency to share all vital information. » To situate who this “fact checker” Luke Zaleski (“The Resistance” #truthhurts) is, he is the editor-in-chief of legal affairs at Conde Nastwho belongs to Advance Magazine Publishers (The New Yorker, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamor). He is responsible for fact-checking “The Resistance” #truthhurts.

To this comment our editorial staff The Media in 4-4-2 answered in advance: “Twitter presents itself as independent of Gafam. So why exactly did the owners of Gafam (Vanguard, Bill Gates) oppose its sale? Quite simply because Vanguard owns 8.95% of the capital of Twitter, BlackRock 4.66% State Street 4.28%, etc. This purchase of all the shares by Elon Musk is a breach in the information monopoly held by Gafam. »

The richest man in the world now faces other billionaires. Proof that his interests are not in their direction. In this change of direction, as for restaurants, customers have everything to gain. She is looking forward to the new menu.

The Media in 4-4-2.

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