Elon Musk welcomes Ligma and Johnson, admits he made a mistake after ‘fired’ them from Twitter

Elon Musk, after Twitter takeover became more dumpster fire than usual, now admits he was wrong about something. “It’s important to admit when I’m wrong and firing them was really one of my biggest mistakes,” Musk tweeted earlier today, welcoming back two “Twitter employees” who never been employees of Twitter. The billionaire posed with pranksters Rahul Ligma and Daniel Johnson, who previously pretended to have been fired from Twitter as Musk embarked on his (unfortunately real) wave of mass layoffs, where 50% of the workforce- Twitter had become a victim.

When news of Musk laying off half of Twitter’s workforce started making the rounds, the prankster duo had many believe they had indeed been fired when they were photographed apparently leaving Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. Francisco, each carrying a box of their belongings. Musk reacted by tweeting: “Ligma Johnson had him come”. The Tesla CEO later called the duo’s prank “one of the best trolls of all time.”

The reaction to Musk’s little joke, however, wasn’t so great. It’s important to remember that this photo comes after Musk fired a veteran Twitter engineer who publicly questioned him on the platform. “He’s fired,” Musk tweeted. The former Twitter employee told Forbes he received no notification from the company before his sudden dismissal and called Musk’s team “a bunch of cowards”.

Some people in Musk’s answers, indeed, didn’t seem to realize that was a bit yet.

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