Elon Musk, who virtually met the employees, does not rule out layoffs

Even if he imposed conditions like having access to data on fake accounts, Elon Musk still wants to buy the platform. For the first time, the entrepreneur answered questions from employees of the social network on Thursday. They did not leave the interview very reassured.

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Elon Musk met Thursday, June 16 for the first time, Twitter employees in order to answer their questions and clarify his vision for the social network he agreed to buy two months ago for 44 billion of dollars. A virtual meeting in which he participated with his phone in hand, in a hotel room. Questions from employees had been forwarded in advance.

To the question about possible layoffs, the billionaire, not very reassuring, answered, according to CNBC: “It depends. The company has to be financially healthy and right now the costs are exceeding the revenues.” In addition, currently, each Twitter employee can choose to work remotely or not. Musk remained vague on his policy on the matter. But at Tesla, he recently threatened to fire anyone who spends less than 40 hours a week in the office.

The other fear of some 7,500 employees of the San Francisco group concerns the content authorized on the platform. Their hypothetical future boss repeated that he was in favor of freedom of expression. “I use my tweets to express my personality. Some people do it with their hair. I use Twitter”, he declared in 2018, after an expensive trial where he was accused of having unduly influenced the markets by untimely tweets. Everything or almost everything must be able to be said on Twitter, persists the entrepreneur, but, he insists, the platform does not have to promote extremist remarks.

In terms of goals, the entrepreneur is aiming for one billion active users, four times more than today. It also does not rule out a subscription formula and the promotion of content creators like on TikTok or YouTube to generate more advertising revenue.

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