Elon Musk’s Tesla Had a Brilliant Hack to Catch an Employee Who Was Leaking Company ‘Secrets’

Remember back in 2008 when Tesla caught the employee leaking confidential information to the press? Alternatively, a Twitter user who goes by the name Tanay Jaipuria shared a screenshot of an old tweet from Tesla chief Elon Musk. In the tweet, Musk can be seen revealing how Tesla caught the whistleblower. “How Tesla caught employee leaking confidential information to the press in 2008. Really smart,” reads the image’s caption.

In the image, Musk can be seen responding to NASA Earth. He wrote: “We sent what appeared to be identical emails to all of them, but each was actually encoded with one or two spaces between sentences, forming a binary signature that identified the sender.” Looked:

While many seem to have been impressed by the reveal, some people have no idea what was said. “Let’s say one space equals a 0 and two equals a 1. You have a binary conversion. Ex. Sentence._Sentence.__Sentence._ Which encodes as 010. This user now has ID 010. Since you have two values ​​in each location, you can represent 2^N employees, where N is the number of sentences”, a explained a Twitter user. . He further wrote, “I wouldn’t call it technically difficult. If you have less than 8,000 employees, you only need 13 sentences to encode unique sequences. Give a script the original email. Tell the script to add spaces. Have your mass email tool spit out emails to every user in your domain. 20m python script.” It comes just a day after Musk made headlines for venturing into the fragrance business. He invented a perfume called “Burnt Hair” and he sells it on The Boring Company. He sells the perfume for $100 each. Additional tax and shipping are also charged. Musk also joked about how selling these fragrances would help him, but Twitter. Just hours after that tweet, he sold 20,000 bottles of perfume.

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