Every night these 2 Ragdolls celebrate their master coming home from work (video)

Tillie and Tommy are cats like no other. They dedicate themselves every night to celebrating their father’s arrival as it should be. Their mistress filmed one of these funny scenes and it was seen by millions of Internet users on TikTok.

2 beautiful Ragdolls caused, as reported, a sensation on social networks on November 19 Newsweek. These inseparable toms excel in the art of fun, according to their mistress.

Every night is a party

Tilly and Tommy always find an excuse to have fun! Their father’s return at the end of his day’s work is the perfect opportunity for them to reveal their clowning talents…


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? sonido original – Carlos Feria

In a video that was recently posted TikTok, we see them standing in front of the front door. Once it is open, Tilly and Tommy go to the hallway and both will have very different reactions!

While the kitten Tommy rushing at full speed towards his master, the Elder Tilly prefers to stretch on the floor and lie on his stomach. The youngest is ready to do anything to win the race, but his older sister doesn’t care!

The 2 Ragdolls are the stars of TikTok

This funny moment was seen by more than 3 million Internet users on the social network. Many commentators were quick to ask what the mother about Tilly and Tommy make a” video series “.


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? sonido original – Carlos Feria

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So she released another clip a few days later, and this time, Tilly seems to have decided to stretch her legs too! But the cats are not yet used to being filmed in their exploits by their mistress as they cast an accusing glance at her in the middle of their race…

Tilly and Tommy is only at the beginning of a long life full of frolic and joy, and their human mother wouldn’t change that for the world.


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