Faced with the success of the first, Audi is opening other Charging Hubs, the competitor of Tesla Superchargers

Audi has announced new places where Charging Hubs, its fast charging concept, will be installed, in the face of the enthusiasm generated by the first, located in Nuremberg.

How to do better than Tesla and its Superchargers? Take a similar recipe, but improve the reception by covering it and even offering a lounge to wait for the end of its charge, as Audi does with its Charging Hub, a pilot site built in Nuremberg. And, to respond to its success, the brand with the rings will set up others elsewhere, starting with Zurich as indicated by the boss of Audi, Markus Duesmann, last March at the annual press conference, then Salzburg and finally Berlin.

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In Switzerland, Audi plans to install four charging points housed under two “cubes” by the end of 2022 and capable of delivering up to 320 kW, compared to six for the one in Nuremberg, which opened in 2021. These cubes serve basic to the Charging Hub: they come in the form of a container that can be assembled and disassembled in just a few days. Each can receive two fast charging points and they can be combined in different ways to form constellations. That of Zurich will therefore be smaller than that of Nuremberg to fit easily into a more urban environment. It could also skip the living room upstairs, replaced by two 55-inch screens presenting all the services offered in the neighborhood, such as many restaurants or gyms.

Next year, Salzburg and Berlin will succeed it, then three other projects in Germany. The expansion comes after “incredibly positive” feedback, according to Audi at its Nuremberg site, indicating that 60% of charging sessions are made by regular customers. Between January and April, approximately 3,100 loads were made, with an average of 35 visits to the 200 m² salon every day.

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