Global warming: strong impacts on animals and their behavior


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Global warming also has an impact on animals. Some species have completely changed their behavior, as explained by journalist Alexandre Peyroutpresent on the set of 19/20, Wednesday August 17.

Animals are suffering the consequences of global warming, and some have even changed their behavior to adapt, as journalist Alexandre explains. Peyrout, present on the set of 19/20, Wednesday August 17. “The cicadas, this small insect typical of the south of France, their little screeching, we hardly hear it anymore today, and it is because of the heat wave. As soon as it undergoes too high temperatures, the species buries itself to try to find a little freshness and to protect itself. Result: she no longer sings“, he explains.

Some species could even be threatened, such as blue tits, birds typical of the south of the country.According to researchers, the yellow and blue plumage of these birds is dulling due to rising temperatures and too little rain. Result : by losing their colors, birds find it more difficult to recognize each other between species, and therefore to reproduce“, continues Alexander Peyrout. Biodiversity is such a delicate balance that the disappearance of a single species could have very serious consequences for many others, including ours.concludes the journalist.

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