Haute-Garonne: Undocumented migrants steal from a supermarket to eat, they are arrested and threatened with deportation

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Three people in an irregular situation were arrested after stealing food from the shelves of the Super U in Grenade-sur-Garonne (31). Among them the mother of an infant. The two men who accompanied him are threatened with deportation.

The events took place in Grenade-sur-Garonne, north of Toulouse, in the middle of the week. Neighbors saw people entering a house under renovation in a neighborhood in the city. They immediately alerted the gendarmes of the Toulouse-Mirail company. When the soldiers arrived at the scene, the small group was already on their heels. However, witnesses were able to provide investigators with a detailed profile of these three individuals, two adult men and a young mother with an infant.

A few hours later, the gendarmes were called by the Super U management in the same city. The store management reported to them a shoplifting, primarily of food. It turned out to be the same group of people, citizens of North Africa, without a residence permit and not speaking French. The two men were arrested and interrogated by the military with the help of an interpreter. The young mother was left free and was interviewed the next morning by investigators. The Toulouse prosecutor’s office decided not to accept the attempted burglary as no item from the house was found on them. They are prosecuted only for degrading acts in meetings and shoplifting. The public prosecutor also requested their deportation from the area, with the exception of the young woman and her baby. They have been summoned to court during 2023.

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