He explodes the door of his Tesla to escape from the burning vehicle!

In the center of Vancouver, Canada, a Tesla Model Y caught fire with its driver. The latter then managed to escape by improvising!

When his car started to stop working, this motorist began to panic. Logically, no command no longer responded, not even the doors, which are also electric.

Only here, if there had been only that, still passes. But no, thick smoke began to rise from the floor of the car while the latter was stopped in the middle of the road.

The driver was therefore seized with a huge panic but still managed to make his way to the outside breaking his car window.

However, what he didn’t know was that on the You’re herewhen this kind of problem occurs, there is a handle located near the armrest and used to open the door mechanically in an emergency.

A rather unusual problem

We should not go so far as to think that this type of incident is common on electric cars. Nope, this is an exceptional phenomenon as there can be with thermal cars.

As for this noticeable leak on the part of the driver, whom he especially does not regret having broken the window, he had to escape. And with the ensuing fire, damage to the Tesla was inevitable.

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