He organizes a Christmas party for a hundred stray dogs

As well as cooking them “the best meal of their lives”, the generous benefactor also distributed numerous toys from around the world to the lucky pooches.

A good deed completely in line with the spirit of Christmas. A few days ago, in Thailand, a man named Niall Harbison brightened the daily lives of a hundred stray dogs by organizing a sumptuous meal for them, rich in meat and cooked meals.

In addition to putting the small dishes in the large ones, the animal friend also distributed to the happy canines a certain number of toys that he had previously collected from internet users. “I woke up at 4.30am to cook them the best meal of their lives and people from all over the world sent me toys that I saved for that day,” says Niall Harbison in the description of a video of the event that was posted on Instagram. Most of these dogs had never seen a toy in their lives.”

“I think it’s a day they’ll never forget”

Everything happened as the generous dog enthusiast had wished, and the stray dogs enjoyed this unique celebration. “Just like people, I think sometimes dogs just need a treat, but also a little fun,” comments the person in question. “I think it’s a day they’ll never forget.”

As he explains himself, Niall Harbison imagined and created this special day “in memory of two wonderful dogs called Kira and Valko who recently died in Ireland”. “Their owner wanted to do something special for them and I think they were watching it all from up there with great pride,” adds the benefactor happily.

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