Here’s what happens when you charge a frozen electric vehicle

In summary, it is better that the battery is kept at the right temperature with the risk of waiting very long minutes at the Supercharger.

When it is very cold, the driver of an electric vehicle must adapt his behavior in order to use his car properly. It is advisable to park your vehicle in a garage to keep it warm and not wait until the battery is completely empty to connect it to a terminal.

But what happens when you don’t follow all your rules and leave your electric parked outside in freezing weather for two consecutive days? Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Reviews wanted to know.

With his Tesla Model 3 showing -26°, he tried to recharge it knowing that its battery was not preconditioned. But as you know, before recharging the battery must be warm enough to function optimally.

Unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model 3 connected to the Supercharger after 45 minutes has not recharged the slightest percentage. All the energy supplied by the charging station was used to heat the battery. It took 1.30 for the state of charge to go from 35% to 90%.

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