‘High Elon Musk’ Deepfake Video Goes Viral and Confuses the Internet

A video currently going viral shows a deepfake version of Twitter boss Elon Musk. Uploaded to Twitter by Altcoin Daily, the video attracted attention across social media. The video was made using an AI to simulate his voice and facial expressions. People have done this before with Elon to scam people. In the video, you can hear him say that he wants to design 30 new space vehicles to get people into space. So:

Since its upload, the video has accumulated more than 3 million views. Just below the video, the uploader wrote, “Reasons this could be Elon Musk: • Loves space • Has smoked weed before • Good energy • Probably sounds like ‘zoot.'” He further mentioned, “Reasons it might NOT be Elon Musk: • I’ve never seen him with a red hat.”

“Look at the right ear seen from you and the position it has on the lower part in relation to the nose. Now tell me if this is the same person whose ear is pressed an inch into their face!” one Twitter user wrote, posting two pictures of Musk for comparison. Another person wrote: “It’s like the reface app. Have you seen Tom Man Cruise? Cool. Just like that. Fake.”

Meanwhile, Musk may have recently likened himself to Batman watching over Gotham with a photo of the caped crusader shared on Twitter with the caption “Some nights…” Among those who blasted the billionaire for the suggestion were “The Batman” – Writer Mattson Tomlin Quote Tweeting the photo of Batman standing on the roof of a church on a snowy night, Tomlin wrote “No” along with a laughing emoji. People on Twitter seemed to agree with him that Musk is not the hero they need.

People were quick to point out that managing Twitter and saving Gotham City weren’t quite the same thing. “Elon, I want you to understand that you are exactly the type of wealthy person that Batman would despise and consider a vile person,” one Twitter user wrote.

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