How to turn the Tesla Model S and X into a real gaming PC to play on the TV in your living room

Thanks to the built-in Steam application in the new Tesla, it is possible to start a game from its catalog from his car and then enjoy it on his TV connected to a multimedia box compatible with the Steam Link application. Useless, therefore essential.

Credit: Tesla

The Steam video game platform is available on the latest Model S and Model X, which come with a new, more capable infotainment system, with Tesla even evoking similar power to last-generation consoles and some computers.

With such components, these Teslas can offer a good gaming experience on the large built-in screen of its vehicles. And with a little imagination, it is even possible to turn your car into a real gaming computer and use it to play on another screen, such as your TV in the living room.

Stream your Steam games from your Tesla to your TV

This is the experience shared by a user on Reddit. He was able to play Cyberpunk 2077 comfortably on his couch while the game ran on his Tesla. To do this, he used the Steam app for Tesla (still in beta), which he connected to an Apple TV box via the Steam Link app.

Of course, for the manipulation to work, the Tesla and the Apple TV (or any other medium with the Steam Link app) must be connected to the same WiFi network. The car must not be too far from home. Then simply connect a gamepad to the device to enjoy its entire Steam catalog on its television, the game broadcast on the screen of your choice from Tesla.

Configuring such a game setup is of course far from optimal, but it is still interesting to know that it is possible to do it and that it is also not very complicated to set up. This solution can help in case of force majeure, but is not viable in the long term and will mainly be used to have fun for a few minutes, the time to see that this method works well. There is no doubt that owners of a Tesla Model S or X have the means to invest in a traditional gaming PC to play in good conditions.

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