“If Elon Musk encourages the brutalization of speech, it could cause the user to turn away from Twitter” – Liberation


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The boss of Tesla, who advocates absolute freedom of expression, sealed the takeover of the social network on October 28. What arouse the concern of certain users who could desert according to the specialist in geopolitical digital issues, Asma Mhalla.

On the night of October 27 to 28, Elon Musk became the owner of the social network Twitter by extending 44 billion dollars (44 billion euros), after seven months of negotiations during which the boss of Tesla has always claimed his intention to make blue bird network a space of “absolute freedom of expression”, in particular by relaxing the moderation rules. A position praised by the American conservative right. If the billionaire has since made a point of qualifying his remarks, by affirming that “Twitter obviously can’t be a hellish place where anything can be said without consequence,” the platform is about to make a 180 degree turn. The first changes are already effective, with the dismissal of a large part of the management team. The billionaire indicated Tuesday his desire to set up a subscription of eight dollars per month to be able to certify his account. However, the price would be broken down according to the countries and the purchasing power of the


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