“I’m not going to leave Twitter, it’s Musk who must leave”: future ex-twittos

“This account will be closed within a week” ; “Maybe a drop of water but everyone can do their part” ; “The power belongs to the users ! »… Since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and his first announcements – dismissal of half of the employees, promotion of a new paying economic model – many have been alarmed at what the libertarian billionaire intends to do with his new toy. But here they are forced, to be heard, to come and promote their boycott threats… on Twitter.

Stephen King himself announced that he would never in his life pay $20 per month for his account to be certified, as the billionaire envisioned in his first plans. For the American novelist with 6.9 million subscribers, the network needs his presence more than the reverse. “Eight dollars, then?” », replied Musk on Twitter, immediately fixing this price to obtain and keep the blue badge, a guarantee of authenticity and perhaps, in the long term, of a better highlighting by the algorithm.

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Lots of mini-Stephen Kings also wanted to shield the billionaire’s projects by posting on their accounts that they would no longer come there or in any case that they would be less present there, even that they already had took up residence elsewhere. Among them the journalist Jean-Michel Apathie, who banged his fist on the table (“ Don’t dream Elon, it’s not with my money that you will inflate your kitty already billionaire “) and announced his intention to continue tweeting as long as it’s free.

Former Minister Cécile Duflot pinned a series of user-friendly tweets at the top of her profile entitled “My thread, I’m moving to Mastodon (but I’m not leaving (yet) Twitter (I’ll add to them as adventures). » Elon Musk must shudder, he who distracts himself every day by following on Twitter the exchanges of those who wonder where to go if they leave the network.

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How do we recognize them?

The anti-Musk rebels slip a few words in English into their tweets (“ good-bye Twitter! “), so that Elon Musk can read them. If they stay ” for the moment “, on the acquired network, they explain that it is to prevent it from falling into the hands of the far right. Not everyone dares to confess that, in reality, they don’t understand anything about Mastodon, this non-profit social network where users post messages called “squeaks”. They haven’t changed bank or health insurance for twelve years, although they are also very dissatisfied. Their parents had threatened to leave for Canada if Mitterrand was elected and they had said that they would no longer go to the United States if Trump became its president.

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