In Britain, this city had to cancel its New Year’s fireworks display for a good cause

Ian Forsyth/Getty Images SCARBOROUGH, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 31: A walrus is seen resting in Scarborough Harbor on December 31, 2022 in Scarborough, England. The arctic mammal is believed to be ‘Thor’, a teenager he was first spotted off the Hampshire coast earlier this year. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

(Photo of Thor the walrus resting in Scarborough Harbor on December 31, 2023)

ANIMALS – Does not harm Thor. There were no New Year’s fireworks in Scarborough, England on December 31, 2022. Questions? The welfare of a walrus. The latter has taken up residence in the port of the seaside resort since Friday 30 December and has become an attraction for locals and visitors. Experts say it could be Thor, the same animal seen off the Hampshire coast earlier in December.

Following advice from British Divers Marine Life Rescue, a marine mammal protection organisation, Scarborough City Council decided to cancel the fireworks so as not to scare the animal. “We are concerned that the fireworks will distress the animal,” a Borough of Scarborough Council spokesman said, quoted by The Guardian.

“In the British city of Scarborough, the New Year’s fireworks have been canceled due to fears that they could scare away a walrus swimming in the harbor. The decision was made by the city council. »

“We are really disappointed to have had to cancel the fireworks, but the welfare of the walruses must come first. »said council leader Steve Siddons.

Welcome to Scarborough”Thor“Morse. It’s incredibly rare for the UK and never seen before locally. Please keep wires in place and keep noise to a minimum, says British Divers Marine Life Rescue… »

a ” break » before we return to the north

According to sky newsexperts had expressed their concern about ” nut that can be caused by loud bangs and flashes of light to Morse code. To protect the animal, security barriers are placed around it so that the crowd of spectators does not disturb it.

Morse in Scarborough Harbor this morning – something I never thought I’d see and only 5 minutes from home. »

“We would also like to remind everyone that the walrus is protected under the Wildlife and Wildlife Act, 1981, and therefore it may be an offense to disturb the animal. »said a representative of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Geoff Edmond.

According to the latter, the walrus does not appear to be sick or injured. It just seems so “to take a break” to Scarborough before continuing its journey north. He can be back on the road in a few days when he is rested enough.

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