investigation opened after small child’s involvement in finishing wild boar

An investigation was initiated in Châlons-en-Champagne, particularly for “provocation of a minor to commit an offence“and”moral abandonment of minors“, After the broadcast of a video showing a child finishing off a boar, encouraged by a hunter, we learned from the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor for Châlons-en-Champagne, Ombeline Mahuzier, told AFP that “launched an overt investigationfor these two offences, as well as forcruelty to an animal“. The investigation was entrusted to the gendarmerie and the informationforwarded to the children’s judge for educational assistance“, she clarified.

Naturalist Pierre Rigaux, founder of the association “Our Viventias“(We the living), shared the video on social networks on Monday, in a blurred version, announcing the filing of a complaint. The hunter in questionhad posted it himself on his Facebook account“the 22nd of November before”remove it quickly“, Mr Rigaux explained to AFP.

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Very violent scene

It’s a very violent scene“, shows”an end to the hunt“where a boar”caught by the dogs and cornered, tries to take refugein blackberries, the naturalist described. “The hunter and the child’s father film the scene“. On the pictures “the child holds a knife and the father strongly insists that his son stab the boar, or +prick it+ as he says“, He continued.

In this type of hunting, the hunter finishes the animal with a bladed weapon when he cannot do so with a gun. Apart from that, he asks his son, who appears to be ten or twelve years old“, explains Mr Rigaux. The little boy”seems to have problems», and carries the awkward «multiple stab wounds“, he says. The hunter “thus prolonging the boar’s suffering“while the child”could have harmed himself“.

Criminal Code”only punishes cruelty to captive, domestic or domesticated animals“. In this situation, “as he gets caught and the pain continues», «the concept of captivity could be preserved“, Mr. Rigaux stated.


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