Italian sauces not to buy at the supermarket

Who doesn’t let themselves be tempted by the flavors of Italian cuisine? Even if you like to cook, there are many days when you don’t have the time to prepare good meals. But because you are greedy and your loved ones even more so, you sometimes use ready-made sauces to accompany your pasta. And everyone knows it, Italian cuisine is a benchmark in this area. This is why Italian sauces are entitled to a dedicated section in most supermarkets.

Everyone knows that doing your shopping well requires you to be particularly vigilant lately. Product recalls are numerous and the risks of food poisoning are very real. This is why the Objeko team keeps you regularly informed of new risks. Today, it is in the department of Italian sauces that you have to be the most careful. Without further ado, we give you more details about this new information that we have.

Tests have revealed the presence of pesticides in supermarket tomato sauces

If the major brands of Italian sauces guarantee quality products, caution is still required these days. Indeed, recent tests have revealed that certain preparations contain pesticides and mycotoxins. These are toxins resulting from microscopic mold-like fungi. Like pesticides, they can be harmful to the body. But what are the Italian sauces concerned?

These are ready-to-use sauces. In addition to the presence of pesticides and mycotoxins, the tests carried out highlighted the low lycopene content. This tetraterpene molecule belongs to the family of carotenoids. It is a fat-soluble, red pigment found in large quantities in tomatoes and other red fruits. Because it is an antioxidant, lycopene is very beneficial for the body. Indeed, it effectively fights against excess free radicals, these devastating molecules that attack the membrane of our cells.

The tests highlighting the low lycopene content of certain Italian tomato sauces, this demonstrates the poor quality of the product. More precisely, this analysis proves that the vegetables used for the preparation of the sauces were far from being fresh. Without further ado, here are the Italian sauces to banish from your cupboards.

Don’t Buy Those Italian Sauces Anymore

Namely, it is a German laboratory that was commissioned by “Bon à Savoir” to analyze the quality of tomato sauces. The tests were carried out on samples of 100 g.

According to tests carried out, Rummo sauce contains pesticide residues and phosphoric acid. This molecule results from the use of certain fertilizers. In this preparation, the presence of dimethomorph and mandipropamide, two other pesticides, was also detected. Admittedly, these molecules are present in minimal quantities, but it is their synergistic action in the body that is worrying.

The famous Barilla basil sauce also contains pesticides according to the tests carried out. Specifically, it would be propamocarb, a hormone-damaging fungicide. Considered to be of low toxicity, this nerve agent must still be used in accordance with very specific requirements.

The two best sauces according to tests carried out by a German laboratory

The Swiss magazine which highlighted this study on Italian sauces communicated the names of the products which obtained the best results during the analyses. These are organic Barilla and Coop Natural sauces. No surprises, these are organic preparations that contain the least amount of pesticides. From now on, you will no longer have to study the labels of the many Italian sauces present in the dedicated section of your usual store. Use Barilla’s “Organic Tomatoes and Basil” sauces and Coop Natural’s “Bio Basil Sauce” and treat yourself to delicious meals without wasting time! The best alternative is of course home cooking with vegetables from the garden. So go to a producer to find good tomatoes and prepare your own Italian sauces!

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