its Chinese factory is switching back to coal to make up for delivery delays

Stopped for a large part of April and May, the Asian factory of the American giant Tesla seems to be starting again if we are to believe the latest reports on the spot.

Tesla’s Gigafactory

Having quickly become the main hub for the export of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y for Europe, the Shanghai Gigafactory experienced a significant shutdown at the start of 2022, due to the political Zero Covid set up by the city. But today, production seems poised to resume its cruising speed.

The worst month of April since the construction of the factory

If only 10,757 Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys rolled off the Shanghai Gigafactory production lines in April 2022, according to Reuters, this unusually low pace would be about to improve. Indeed, the drastic restrictions put in place in Shanghai, in particular forcing workers to live in the factory for weeks, are in the process of being removed.

Thus, the return to normal seems closer than ever, with production capacity already estimated at 70% of what it was before the plant closed. As a reminder, as of March, Tesla sold nearly 66,000 vehicles in China, compared to just 1,512 in April, a decline of nearly 98%.

With a goal of still producing more vehicles in 2022 than in 2021, thanks to the rise in power of the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas and Berlin, Germany, Tesla is forced to rely on its Chinese factory to break records, the he Texas factory and its German counterpart are not yet at a substantial production level.

Tesla is far from being the only manufacturer strongly impacted by the current situation, the entire automotive industry has been at half mast since the start of the year, as shown in particular by the registration figures in Europe last month, but also the tense situation at Volkswagen.

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