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On the verge of breaking its sales record in the world, Tesla now wants to accelerate the production speed of its factories to further reduce delivery times. But that’s not all, because the company is also preparing a production facility in Mexico.

Photo of the Berlin Gigafactory // Source: Tesla

Everything seems to be going well for Tesla for some time. And with good reason, the company Elon Musk has had real success since the launch of the Model 3 and more recently of the Model Y. This one is literally a hit, while it was the best-selling electric model in France in November and that it even managed the feat to become the most registered new car in Europe in September, all engines combined. But the company obviously doesn’t want to stop there.

An increase in tempo

According to specialists, Tesla would be in a good position to easily exceed one million deliveries by the end of the year. Good news for the brand, for whom this goal is essential to remain the leader in electric cars ahead of China’s BYD and Germany’s Volkswagen Group. And one of the secrets to getting there, it is obviously to produce more, faster. But here it seems the brand has all the cards in hand to get there.

As advertised Tesla on its Twitter accounthas the Austin, Texas factory actually managed to produce 3,000 Model 3s per week, or 150,000 Model Y annually. A number that is certainly impressive, but still has nothing to do with the Shanghai site, which can produce 750,000 cars every year. A record.

The Berlin factory is in operation as shown in one of the images published by Tesla

For its part, the Gigafactory in Berlin would be able to produce 2,000 vehicles every week. We are therefore far from the very low rates that were recorded a few years earlier. In 2016 the brand had then only produced 16,000 cars and had the ambition to manufacture 500,000 in the whole of 2018. Since then things have changed a lot. Especially since the manufacturer obviously does not want to rest on its laurels.

As the site explains Car newsTesla would also like to expand its factory in Berlin to go from 500,000 to one million cars per year, but would face administrative difficulties. In fact, the site needs more water resources, but must first obtain permission from the authorities to carry out drilling. What an approach to the 3 million units produced per year.

As a reminder, Tesla plans to produce around 500,000 electric cars per year. quarter.

A new plant on the way

But even though the production rate is already very high, Tesla wants to go even further. According to the Mexican site Millenniumwould the brand have entered into an agreement with the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon on set up a new factory in the city of Santa Catarina. This could then be operational from 2023, but it is not yet known whether it will be used to produce cars or batteries and other parts such as engines.

In any case, Tesla’s goal is clear: to produce more and more cars. The goal ? Reduce delivery times, greatly increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic and semiconductor shortages, but also to remain number 1 in sales. Because if the brand is a hit in the world, its very special logistics can sometimes punish it. In fact, the company is waiting to have enough cars to fill a boat before crossing the ocean. What can cause gaps in deliveries. The brand will no doubt want to avoid that.

Tesla Fremont
The Tesla factory in Fremont, California

But is it really in the interest to produce so much when Tesla is already struggling to seduce certain markets, including China? The company actually has a large inventory surplus that it is struggling to sell, even though it has just significantly reduced the price of its Model 3 and Model Y and relaunched the sponsorship program. Difficulties such as rumors mentioning a 20% drop in production of the electric SUV, which the company had denied as the website recalls. The Home.

Is this situation specific to China? Not really, because the US could also be affected, while Tesla has also reintroduced its program there, which still hasn’t returned to France. But if one could doubt the interest in this insane acceleration of the speed of production, then the aim would simply be to reduce the delays, and thus prevent customers from dropping out. Because that is the main reason for the excessively large unsold shares that accumulate and cause the brand to lose money.

In France, Tesla started discounts and gifts this morning in an attempt to break delivery records. There is thus a Model 3 and Model Y demonstration with a discount. The American brand is also offering 10,000 km Supercharge to customers who collect their car before January 1, 2023.

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