Léa Seydoux ultra-close to Elon Musk

Léa Seydoux, separated from the father of her little Georges, would have gotten very close to billionaire Elon Musk, whom she met in a Parisian club.

And today, she is warned by Géraldine Maillet on TPMP, where she officiates as a columnist. The American is classified as a public danger because of his project for Twitter.

It was last October that the magazine Closer fueled the closeness of the French actress with the American billionaire.
They would have appeared ultra accomplices in a club in the capital.

Freshly single, Léa Seydoux, would be at peace with her and would be ready to go far in this “relationship” with the American billionaire, “free and determined to live the day”.
“I love this sentence from Louis Aragon: “It’s time to learn to live and it’s already too late. “, she confided. “It’s so true. I learned that life is fragile and that it happens there, now, right away”.
While the French could go far in this relationship, now she is cooled by Géraldine Maillet who swings a missile at Elton Musk, qualified as a public danger, after taking control of Twitter.
The American intends to change the rules.
“He has so much money, he has so much money. He doesn’t care. Now he’s going to take Twitter and rule the world politically. It will influence the democracies, ”she says in the C8 program. “Behind the smokescreens you must have seen, we know that fake news spreads seven times faster than good information. I think it is a danger and it will harm democracy”.

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