Let’s wake up: how to avoid food waste in all solidarity?

Food solidarity subject to health standards

After the various crises associated with the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the staggering increase in energy prices, more and more people are facing precariousness. Eating properly has become a luxury for part of the population. In an attempt to make up for this lack, many associations collect food to redistribute to the most needy. For most structures, inventory consists of unsold items from retailers and supermarkets.

However, donations from individuals who wish to show solidarity are also accepted, but under certain conditions. Valérie Saint-Martin, communications officer for Restos du Cœur, gives us the list of accepted and rejected products: ” It all depends on the type of food. As long as the expiration date is not exceeded, people can bring back something dry. It can vary from sugar, coffee, tea, pasta, rice, etc. As long as the product is unopened, they can also provide jam and preserves of any kind. We also accept fruit and vegetables which are of course in a condition suitable for consumption. We reject ready meals, even packaged ones, and fresh products such as meat or fish. As we have no overview of the journey of these types of products, we cannot take the risk of accepting them because we do not know if these products have been properly kept cool. In addition, you suspect that we are subject to the rules of the AFSCA.

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