Mark Ruffalo tells Elon Musk to stick to his cars and his rockets

For Mark Ruffalo, Elon Musk is simply destroying the credibility of Twitter, and his own by the way, by changing the rules for verifying profiles. “Elon. Please – for decency’s sake – get off Twitter, give the keys to someone whose real job it is, and stick to running Tesla and SpaceX. You destroy your credibility. It’s just not pretty to see, ”tweeted the Hulk interpreter, relaying a post from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The elected Democrat indeed accuses the entrepreneur of having “whacked” his profile following his criticism of the new rules imposed on users.

“The app loses its credibility, and so do you”

In a tweet, the American politician and activist denounced the choice made by the new boss of the social network to give the possibility of having a certified account to any user subscribing to the Blue offer offered at 8 dollars per month. A decision which, in the eyes of several personalities, will necessarily involve many excesses in terms of identity theft.

Shortly after, Elon Musk chose to respond directly to Mark Ruffalo. “Hot reaction: not everything Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says is 100% correct,” he said.

“Perhaps well, conceded the actor. That’s why having robust filters for misinformation and credible verified users was a popular feature for users and advertisers alike. We need these safeguards to make sure the information is reliable, or else the app loses its credibility, and so do you. And then people leave. »

If there is little chance that Elon Musk will backtrack, it remains to be seen whether Mark Ruffalo’s prophecy will come true.

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