McDonald’s is launching this new burger, and it won’t please everyone

At the start of 2023, McDonald’s will launch a new one burger, which certainly won’t appeal to everyone. And with good reason beef that constitutes it is very special.

McDonald’s continues its seduction business for vegans

McDonald’s is certainly one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, but it is important to constantly innovate to attract a new audience. The company has understood this and is preparing the launch of a completely new burger in early 2023. But if you’ve been waiting for a worthy replacement for classics like the CBO or Big Mac, you may be disappointed.

And with good reason once again, McDonald’s has decided to bet on a very specific audience, namely vegans. Strange strategy, the famous fast food chain will present a burger that had not achieved the expected success last year: McPlant.

The return of a more gourmet vegan burger

In recent years, more and more fast food restaurants have developed vegan menus to convince a new audience to come and try their luck. In 2022, this happened notably with the launch of the McPlant vegan burger. However, it did not convince many people and was even withdrawn from certain restaurants, especially in the US, in September. This time, McDonald’s is back with a bigger version.

From 4 January 2023, UK and Irish consumers will be able to discover the double McPlant in more than 1,400 points of sale, before this is potentially launched more widely in other parts of the world. This time, McDonald’s has teamed up with the vegan brand Beyond Meat, to offer a burger consisting of two vegan meat patties and several sauces, including a vegan special. Also, have you ever wondered what burger you would be? You will find the answer here!

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