Megapack Tesla: Europe’s largest energy storage facility unveiled in Belgium

Megapacks, the technological heart of the plant.


The largest battery on the European continent. The French Corsica Sole has just unveiled its electricity storage facility on 1 December. To store energy, the company relies on the Megapack technology developed by Tesla Energy. A real revolution that should help maintain the frequency of the Belgian electricity grid.

An effect of 50 MW

It is the municipality of Deux-Acren near Lessines in Belgium that was chosen to host this titanic project. Having entered into operation in recent days, the plant is able to deliver peak power of almost 50 MW thanks to a network of 40 Tesla Megapacks, providing a reserve of 100 MWh. The project is the culmination of a partnership between Corsica Sole, Tesla, Yuso and InnoVent. According to Electrek which relays the information, this new plant replaces a World War II turbojet generator. The initiative therefore makes it possible to replace the polluting system with cleaner energy storage.

As a reminder, Tesla’s Megapack lithium-ion electric battery can store more than 3 MWh of energy in the equivalent of a marine container. A single device is capable of driving current “on average 3600 households in an hour”, says Tesla. Their simple and robust design allows for quick installation and minimal maintenance. The batteries are guaranteed to last for a maximum of 20 years. Like the brand’s cars, Megapacks will be able to receive updates over the years to improve their efficiency.

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Redistribute during consumption peaks

Megapacks can be used to compensate voltage peaks on the electrical network. The stored energy is redistributed at the peak of demand and can thus avoid the start-up of more polluting thermal power plants. At the Deux-Acren project, the plant will make it possible to stabilize electricity from renewable energy and export it to the grid when the time comes. The installations must also ensure the regulation of the 50 Hz frequency on the Belgian network. A real boost for the electrical manager.

For several years, Tesla has increased orders for the Megapack. The Pillswood mega-project near Hull, UK, is expected to store 196 MWh of electricity.

“By demonstrating that the deployment of batteries on a large scale is economically viable, we provide proof that we can build a world based on renewable energy combined with energy storage. The deployment of this type of project is a strategic challenge to guarantee Europe’s energy sovereignty.”welcomed Michael Coudyser, Managing Director of Corsica Sole.

This technology could quickly make its arrival in France. A location in the heart of France seems “conceivable” before 2023, Anthony Bonello, Project Director at Corsica Sole, confides to our colleagues from The new factory. Good news at a time when blackouts threaten to affect the country due to a lack of sufficient generation.

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