Miss France – Anger on social networks after the presence of a fantastic white horse on stage: “It’s not her place!”, “No one defends the cause of animals?”, “It’s so useless”.. .

This is a scene that angered netizens during the Miss France ceremony! The presence of a horse has indeed sparked a wave of protests on Twitter, with many wondering if a stage was really the place for this animal, amid the limelight, the world, the cameras, the music and the audience clapping.

The 30 regional misses have actually paraded in the guise of Alice in Wonderland with a white horse that has appeared on stage.

Jean-Pierre Foucault launched thus: “Thunderous applause to you ladies. You are magnificent. We also warmly thank the Alexis Gruss company for its participation in this painting. You can also admire the Gruss family in Les Folies Gruss, an equestrian show, by Rute “

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