mix recharge, cinema and drive-in restaurant

Eating a burger brought by a waiter to the car window with a breathtaking view of a cinema screen through the windshield while charging his electric car, this is Tesla’s new project.

Tesla is often the source of simple and effective ideas that make you wonder how we couldn’t have had them sooner. The last ? The Californian brand has just filed construction plans for a place bringing together 29 superchargers as well as a restaurant and a cinema accessible like a drive-in, in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles.

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The land is currently occupied by a pizzeria which will be demolished to be replaced by a two-storey building. The ground floor will consist of a kitchen, a bar with stools, alcoves and a second outdoor bar at the corner of the building. On the second level are a terrace, another bar, several tables and two rows of seats arranged like a theatre, with their backs to a counter and facing the car park where 29 superchargers and 5 Type 2 terminals will be located. Access to the outside will also allow restaurant staff to bring orders directly to the cars being loaded.

A trendy evolution of dinners and traditional American drive-in theaters

Above the car park will be two large cinema screens visible from the cars and the terrace, screens on which short films of approximately 30 minutes will be projected to correspond to the duration of both a meal and a recharge . One can imagine that the sound of the films will be retransmitted in the passenger compartment of the cars, which does not seem to represent an enormous technical constraint.

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The whole should be inspired by the famous dinners typically American with a little modern touch brought by bamboo plantations bordering the car park.

Tesla has asked authorities to have the site operational 24 hours a day, including the restaurant, but not the cinema to satisfy local laws limiting screenings between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Source: Electrek.com

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