Nancy Pelosi attacks Elon Musk – La Nouvelle Tribune

Nancy Pelosi took advantage of an interview she gave to the American television channel CNN to fire red balls at the wealthy American businessman Elon Musk. Indeed, the boss of the Democrats denounced the recent publication made by the new boss of Twitter on the platform in connection with the aggression of her husband. The boss of Tesla had notably shared on the morning of Sunday October 30 the link of an article from the curator site Santa Monica Observe spreading unverified information about the attack on the husband of the Democratic boss.

“There is a small possibility that appearances are deceiving”, had left read the wealthy American businessman on Twitter on the subject. During his time on the show AndersonCooper, the American politician expressed her sadness to see certain American political figures spreading so much false information on the social network of the blue bird. For her it is “really sad for the country” that people like Elon Musk and donald trump “separate themselves from the facts and the truth in such a blatant way”.

Nancy Pelosi targeted…

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives also indicated that this type of attitude had the merit of destroying unity. Remember that the false information published by the wealthy businessman is linked to the attack on the husband of the husband of Nancy Pelosi. He was assaulted a few days ago at his home. The investigation reveals that it was the American politician who was targeted.

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