New Twitter boss Elon Musk plans to end 280-character limit

Even if he has only been the boss of Twitter for four days, Elon Musk is already teeming with ideas to develop the social network. The multi-billionaire wants to tackle the length of certain content in particular.

Elon Musk wasted no time after his arrival at the head of Twitter. Since Thursday, the boss of Tesla has been making statements about the new options he wants to put in place on the social network.

The new owner of Twitter has already announced that it wants to form a content moderation council. The world’s richest man also hinted that accounts suspended for “minor or questionable” reasons could be reactivated.

More limits for tweets

In his new announcements, still via tweets in response to questions from Internet users, Elon Musk seemed open about removing character limits for tweets.

A user indeed asked him if it was possible to “get rid of the character limit, or if need be to increase it considerably?”, invoking the desire for a more qualitative public debate than with short messages. Question to which Elon Musk answered “Absolutely”.

Today, a tweet cannot exceed 280 characters (against only 140 characters until 2017). With this announcement, Elon Musk reinforces his desire to transform Twitter into a less limited space.

The new boss of the platform also affirmed, using an emoji, the possibility of increasing the length of videos on Twitter. His (very) short answer followed a question from a user: “Is it possible to increase the maximum length of videos? I have parodies that I would like to publish”.

On Twitter, a video cannot last more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds to be uploaded on the platform. However, some brands are already able to share videos of up to 10 minutes, for a fee.

Owners of verified accounts will also soon be required to checkout if they want to keep their blue badge. According to information from The Verge, new certified accounts will have to pay $20 to benefit from this certification.

Already verified users will have 90 days to pay, from the launch of the feature, or risk losing their badge. Note that according to the American media, if Twitter employees fail to launch the program before November 7, they will all be fired.

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