“Offering quality products at low prices”, Lidl inaugurates a new E-station

You know we follow the charging market closely. But Lidl managed to surprise us once again with the inauguration of a new E-station in Tourcoing. We share this good news with you for all users and future users of electric cars. Note that you can now top up at Lidl from €0.25 per kWh on accelerated terminals and €0.4 on fast and ultra-fast terminals.

Lidl Tourcoing inaugurates its first E-station

It is the first in France and the Tesla Mag was there. Lidl, a big retailer that doesn’t do anything like everyone else, has just unveiled a first E-station dedicated to charging electric cars. Located to the right of this magnificent listed building, this station benefits from quick access for motorists who only wish to top up. Lidl made sure to choose a strategic location.

It is a real surprise and the concept is very seriously unexpected from Lidl, at first glance. Admittedly, it is very consistent that the distribution brands manage this new service, but it is not the current direction of the market. In fact, whether due to lack of conviction or lack of liquidity, large retailers prefer “third-party investor” solutions. This is equivalent to giving up part of your land to leave the operation to an expert in the subject such as Powerdot or Electra.

This station was inaugurated on December 9, 2022, and other inaugurations are already planned for next year to confirm the spread of a real network: in Nîmes and Croissy-beaubourg.

Lidl responded directly to the choices that led the group to prefer an internal solution. The main reason is to continue to make quality products available, the main identification criterion for this brand, which has become known with a “Hard Discount” angle. Coming to Lidl to recharge at low cost is the goal of the brand.

Complete equipment with sun protection

LIDL E-stations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and allow motorists to recharge their car, from €0.25 per charge. kWh on accelerated terminals and €0.4 on fast and ultra-fast terminals.

The sign knew how to surround itself with skills to produce a station that is not an advertising effect. Equipped with solar panels on their roofs, these e-stations will have 13 charging points:

• 2 accelerated charging points – AC– of 22 kW

• 4 fast charging points – DC- up to 90 kW

• 5 ultra-fast charging points – DC – from 180 kW up to 360 kW: the most powerful charging station installed in France. With the ABB Terra 360 terminal, LIDL offers real innovation in high-power charging and makes it accessible to everyone.

Tour of the first Lidl E station

We visit this new e-station with a technical manager of the Lidl brand. You know everything about the power of the terminals, the number of available spaces and the sun protection at the heart of the e-station concept!

Exclusive to the Tesla Mag

Speaking to the key stakeholders at Lidl France, we learned that the retail brand had done the necessary work with Enedis to foresee the future of this station. In fact, when necessary, the Tourcoing store will be able to double the installation.

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