Opening up the Supercharger network to competition was a mistake!

If you follow Tesla Mag, you know that since early 2021, the Tesla supercharger network has been open to competition.

For 24 hours, the image of a gorgeous Rivian at a Supercharger terminal has been around the world. It is certainly not the best way to connect an electric vehicle, but this image has the advantage of responding to the importance of protecting the terminals with a metal arc. To be honest, I don’t know if it would have prevented the damage caused by this 2.5 ton electric vehicle.

An unexpected acceleration

A priori, the Rivian vehicle would have parked normally as it would have suddenly accelerated rapidly to hit the transshipment totem. Of course this is sarcasm from the global Tesla community. Electric vehicles are regularly targeted, they catch fire, they accelerate without pressing the accelerator and especially in autonomous driving.

The picture is quite evocative and can be useful in proving the reliability of electric vehicles. In the early years of the Tesla Model S, the vehicle had been designated because the battery could catch fire (collector’s item from 2013) during unusually severe accidents. The company had communicated the installation of a shield under the vehicle to protect the battery block, this clarification provided by Elon Musk makes the Tesla Model S the safest vehicle in the world.

It is necessary to believe that these bad experiences were useful for the market to implement from the beginning the good recipes of the manufacturer who suffered from the patches. Great to see that the accident is visibly limited to a bollard and the body at low speed.

Rivian implements its own charging network

Bringing news in this post mainly designed to entertain about an extremely heavy electric vehicle. And unfortunately far from being available in France. We can confirm that the Rivian supercharger network is currently being rolled out in the US. To apply a similar constructor pattern to the capital T.

So the question remains to know why this Rivian vehicle did not do this on the manufacturer’s terminal?

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