Elon Musk plans to end his deal with Twitter for ‘withholding information’

Elon Musk is considering canceling the takeover of Twitter. He accuses the company of “actively resisting” his requests for information about bots and spam. JOHN RAOUX / PA Elon Musk is considering terminating his $44 billion (41 billion euros) deal to acquire Twitter. In a stock market document, he accuses the company of “actively resist” … Read more

Tesla wants to divide its share by three to attract employees and small shareholders

Other stock market giants, such as Amazon, whose stock has exploded recently, have carried out similar operations. The electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla will split its share on Wall Street by three to make the title more accessible to its employees and small shareholders, thus imitating several big names in tech. The company led by Elon … Read more

Wild boars destroy a snail farm in the province of Namur: “They crush the shell and eat the animal”

Wild boars are coming closer and closer to houses. This is particularly the case in the province of Namur where they cause great damage to individuals. For specialists, these boars lack food in this season, but they also seem, over time, less frightened by the presence of man. “They crush the shell of the snail, … Read more

A “healthy” homemade Coke? The false good idea of ​​TikTok

FOOD – Balsamic vinegar, sparkling water and Coca-Cola. If these three words seem to have no connection between them, TikTok users have managed to associate them. It all started with this video posted by Amanda Jones, aka @mandyvjones, in which she explains that her Pilates instructor drinks a “healthy” version of Coca-Cola almost every day. … Read more

News Cameroon :: Trading: Subscribers on the heels of perfect Emile Simb :: Cameroon news

The promoter of Global Investment Trading was arrested on May 26 in Douala for fraud and breach of trust. He left Cameroon under unclear conditions. Investigation. Where did Emile Parfait Simb go? Released under bail following an arrest on May 26, the promoter of Liyep Limal, a cryptocurrency platform, reportedly left Cameroon a few days … Read more

No adoption fees at the SPCA today

People who come to the SPCA to adopt an animal today will not have to pay the adoption fee. • Read also: The SPCA gets a makeover in Sept-Îles “We have around fifty cats, but also turtles, rabbits, small rodents, such as gerbils, hamsters, rats, so all kinds of animals looking for a family,” explains … Read more