Pit bull brutally attacks 3 family members in Thailand

A Thai family’s Pit Bull attacked the grandmother and her two grandchildren, leaving the old lady in a serious condition in hospital in southern Bangkok.

We often hear Pit bull owners or enthusiasts say that these dogs would only be aggressive if their masters trained them to be, it seems that is not the case in this case.

The Thai newspaper Daily News reported on the horrific accident that took place on Friday, December 9 in Samut Prakan, south of Bangkok.

Rescuers from Thepparak district in Samut Prakan town went to a house at 96 Thepparak Street at noon.

Samut Prakan’s position on a map of Thailand

They found two seriously injured women and a man there.

Worst hit was Jamras, the 70-year-old grandmother, who had multiple injuries to her body and face, including a horrific gash down her arm to the bone.

Sarinthip, 25, was injured in the leg and arm, and her brother Chollathip, 27, suffered an arm injury.

They were all taken to Samut Prakan Hospital, where Jamras remains in a serious condition.

Niyom, 73 (presumably Jamras’ husband), told the media that the family owns two male Pit Bulls: Pepo, 2, and Jumbo, 7 months.

Pepo is responsible for the attack.

Niyom said his son bought them as puppies.

Pepo was usually friendly with everyone.

Some time ago, however, he had bitten his son, prompting Niyom to advise him to take him back to the shop.

The family protested and said they loved him.

He said the family cooked a “moo katha” pork meal, but his grandchildren argued over a plug for the stove.

Pepo heard the rising voices and must have thought something was wrong.

He came running and started attacking Saranthip.

Jamras came to her rescue, but when she was old, she fell.

She was then on the ground and Pepo aimed at her.

His grandson managed to get the dog out and put him in a cage.

When the grandchildren left the hospital, they said they were shocked that a loving and kind pet like this could turn on them.

They said if anyone wanted to pick up Pepo to take care of it they were welcome.

Source: ASEAN Now

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