ProBit Global integrates Automated Margin Trading Bots

ProBit Global Expands Automated Bot Services Following Partnership With Pioneering Trading Algorithms Service Margin.

What is Margin?

Inspired by renowned trading terminals such as Bloomberg and MetaTrader, Margin has taken a new step by developing its first terminal dedicated to cryptocurrency exchanges and centered on a single interface, which allows traders browse 25 markets simultaneously on a second screen.

Thus, Margin is a trading terminal that aims to offer a more visual trading experience and a responsive and practical user experience, in order to easily integrate algorithmic trading strategies – or algo trading – based on popular technical analysis tools.

The interface uses a visual trading concept and several built-in strategy robots, as well as a Python editor that allows traders experienced to run their custom configurations automatically.

The interface is therefore organized and visually clear, which makes it easy for users to collect trading information and trade history at a glance.

Margin includes many indicators used by traders such as Bollinger Bands and MACD. Other elements are also included such as RSS feeds, which provide cryptocurrency news and developments from various sites like Coindesk, as well as a practical P&L (profit and loss) display to follow overall gains.

Automated algorithmic trading is easy to access with its one-click setup and wide array of market-specific features in place of micromanagement. It is also easy to reset or adjust trading strategies or orders.
Indeed, Margin integrates drag-and-drop functions which, for example, allow ProBit Global users to trade the 1,048 trading pairs currently available. The trading pairs found by default at launch are the LTC/BTC and BTC/USDT pairs.

It is possible to track orders placed on the main screen and use an additional order adoption function to automatically adjust the total amount and price of pending orders. Margin’s GUI can be customized and configured to your liking.

What trading strategies are available with Margin bots?

Margin provides 5 key strategies, such as limit and market order strategies, as well as a Python code editor allowing traders to create and use their own trading robots – bots.

This strategy allows traders customize their own trading strategies using Python code.

Strategies vary but can be categorized as limit or market based.

  • Limit order strategies

Discover the guide “What is a limit order?” »

  • Static Ping-Pong Strategy

The bot will automatically place an order based on the limit of buy and sell prices that you will have defined beforehand. Once the initial order is executed, a sell order will automatically be placed based on the sell price and the process repeated until the robot stops.

  • The Scale Trading Strategy

Scale Trading employs a strategy similar to grid trading by creating multiple limit orders simultaneously based on the specified number of orders and the price intervals between subsequent orders. This makes it possible to establish a wide trading tunnel and take advantage of market volatility.

This strategy operates in the same way as the Ping-Pong strategy, but on a larger scale and with adjustable profit margins depending on the minimum effective gain filter. Indeed, the bot of margin maker places orders dynamically according to parameters previously defined by you.
*The default value of 0 allows trades to be executed without profit. A negative setting will allow for intelligent adjustments based on current market conditions, with an emphasis on capitalizing on long-term trends.

  • Market order strategies
  • The Bollinger Band Strategy (or Bollinger Band Strategy)

Based on the well-known indicator of the same name, this strategy executes orders by attempting to recognize market highs and lows based on whether a current asset is oversold or undersold.

  • The EMA Crossover Strategy

Ideal for trending markets, this strategy will execute buys, sells, or both, based on the most recent bullish and bearish signs garnered by convergence or divergence between long and short-term EMAs. The EMA is a moving average that takes into account the most recent data giving it more importance and meaning.

What about Margin security features?

When using trading services algorithmic – or algo trading – such as Margin, users must first set up an API key, in order to integrate the desired trading interface.

However, this can pose a potential risk to user assets since platforms generally back up all keys.

Margin differentiates itself by hashing and encrypting users’ API keys, 25% of which remain in their possession. Margin therefore only stores half of a two-part API key pair on its servers.

Relying on centralized storage of customer keys in this way reduces the prevention of asset loss in the event of compromised services, or even breaches or attacks on the server.

Orders are also executed directly through an order book.

Additionally, Margin and its trading bots connect directly to ProBit Global, a feature that adds an extra layer of user anonymity for traders. traders.

In order to set up Margin with ProBit Global and use the crypto exchange terminal as well as the trading strategies robots, you will need to log into your ProBit Global account and follow a number of steps described in this guide. The first step is setting up an API key.

Once you have completed the steps on your ProBit account, you will need to purchase a license to be able to open an account with real currency. Margin gives you the option of purchasing a license on a monthly or yearly basis.

The terminal also offers a free trial version that will familiarize you with a trading environment and simulated assets:

The interface displays the pre-selected trading pairs on the top left and the balance details on the top right. You will be able to click on the order options to navigate between the types of limit orders, (“What is a limit order?” guide) and add the trading strategy desired.

About Margin

Margin developed the very first terminal dedicated to crypto exchanges in 2014 with the aim of a single interface for multiple exchanges. Margin combines elements of Bloomberg and MetaTrader terminals in which data and executions are available on a single platform.

For more details, you can visit the Margin site.

*Disclaimer: ProBit Global does not endorse and will not be held liable for the use of the platform and any financial loss that may result. Do your own research on Margin’s security features and their reputation as a company before proceeding. Margin is not owned or affiliated with ProBit Global. The two companies are in no way related. The above does not constitute financial advice.

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