Product recall: this foie gras sold in the supermarket has expired!

By Mamy Yves Ratsimbazafy

– Changed 27 December 2022 at 10.34

A new product recall has just been launched by Rappel Conso. This is a brand of foie gras sold on the shelves of Leclerc stores whose use-by date has passed by several months.

Food scandals will have characterized this year 2022. Several thousand products have actually been the subject of a recall since last January. Among the latter, Buitoni pizzas were infected with E-coli. After 2 deaths, these pizzas were quickly removed from the shelves. Like smoked salmon and Kinder Surprise chocolates at Easter. This time, Rappel Conso draws consumers’ attention to a batch of foie gras sold in supermarkets. One of the stores would display expired foie gras on its shelves. For proof: the expiration date of this product has been exceeded by several months. In short, this represents a real danger to your health. If you ever bought it, avoid eating it. By returning your pot to the store, you will be entitled to a refund.

A product whose deadline has been exceeded by several months

Foie gras is a very popular product this holiday season. It is used in many gastronomic recipes. When bird flu hit local growers, many feared a shortage. Which was finally not the case, much to the relief of the little gourmets. However, whole foie gras from Périgord – Seigneurie, sold in E. Leclerc shopping centers, has been withdrawn from the shelves following this new food scandal. However, this recall was based on the expiration date, which was already exceeded by eight months as shown on the bottom of the box. Although it was an isolated case, Rappel Conso decided to take precautions.

Such a scandal can have serious consequences for the sales of the store in question. This is why the management declares to La Charente Libre: ” Only one jar of the stock showed a DLC passed since 10 May 2022 “. The management of the Leclerc store, for its part, has done its part my fault since. So let’s hope this preventative measure of removing all the products will be enough to limit the damage. The consumers are the first victims if they ever ate it. For information, the goose foie gras in question was sold between 5 and 17 December 2022 in a Leclerc in Angoulême.

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